We work with over 90 UK-based membership associations. Why is it that so many prestigious organisations choose to work with Parliament Hill?

We have a fantastic reputation based on enormous buying power (which enables us to negotiate the very best in member offers) coupled with an understanding regarding how membership bodies work, and the realities they operate within. We look after each member as if we were their membership body itself. And we ensure that each of our clients benefits from the collective buying power of the whole group – but in such a way that they get the full credit from their own members.

Our clients range from 1,000 to 450,000 members and also vary hugely in nature. We can run member benefit programmes for:

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Institution of Civil Engineers

Institution of Civil Engineers

“Parliament Hill secured the ICE contract against wider-competition through proving to be customer-focused, committed to ICE's specific needs and willing to engage in a pragmatic and accommodating manner. The relationship continues to develop with regular feedback sessions allowing us to be agile in what we offer and adaptive to the needs of our members. Parliament Hill engage fully with customers and despite not being their biggest customer, liaison is at the top level with personal engagement by the CEO of Parliament Hill. As we seek to develop an ever more rewarding membership offer, Parliament Hill increasingly becomes an important partner in achieving success. I am happy to have made the right decision for our 90,000 members in selecting Parliament Hill and look forward to wider engagement in the years ahead.”

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