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Association Reception Drinks 2017

An evening of drinks and networking…

“It was such a lovely party and enjoyed meeting you and the other clients too! I am sure we will be in touch very soon again. Thanks so much again for the invite. Looking forward to working with you!”
“Thank you for invitation. It was such an enjoyable evening, but most of all, great to see you and meet all the lovely people. Thanks again!”
“Thank you for inviting me, I met some really interesting people”
“Thanks to you and your team for hosting a once again great end of year function. It was so good catching up with everyone. I really enjoyed the chats I had across the team – you have an amazing team”
“We had a great evening so thanks so much for inviting us. It was lovely to see you and we met some great people too”
“Thank you for the invitation. I enjoyed the evening and met some interesting people”

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