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The Rising Trend for Refill Stores and Zero Waste

It is becoming more and more apparent that we as individuals should be taking any opportunity offered to us to try to reduce our carbon footprint.

One such way that we can begin making small changes that could have a large impact is by shopping zero waste and using refill options where possible. But what exactly do these terms mean and how can you get involved?

There are many big brands that are now opting to stock refill goods, such as Tesco’s partnership with Loop (you can read more about this here.) , and The Body Shop who have launched refill stations across the globe.

As someone who has always tried their best to minimise their impact on the environment, I was really pleased to see my local Body Shop close down for refurbishment earlier this year in order to relaunch as a Refill Station. I believe that as more of these big, global brands jump on the ‘trend’, we will begin to see a real shift towards zero waste and refill options.

There is also an abundance of local, independent shops that offer refill goods. As someone that lives in London I can admit that I am somewhat spoiled for choice when it comes to being able to source ethical, zero waste goods, however that doesn’t mean that those living outside of city centres can’t begin to make small changes. There are many retailers that offer home delivery on refill items, so why not have a browse online to see if there are any that deliver to you.

If you are not able to visit a local shop that offers refill goods, or you cannot find a retailer that delivers to you, you can still choose to shop sustainably by making purchases that contribute towards zero waste goals. Major supermarkets are now selling ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables at a discounted price ( such as this selection from Morrisons ). There are also specialist online retailers that offer zero waste and refill household goods, such as cleaning supplies from smol and toilet paper from who gives a crap. It is becoming increasingly more simple to make eco-conscious decisions whilst carrying out your general household shop.

If you would like to learn more about refill stores and shopping zero waste, then please read this handy guide that OddBox have put together: Here . If you feel that you’re ready to start making some of these changes in your day to day life, why not look into undertaking a zero waste challenge with family, friends, and colleagues. You can also check out these interesting resources to find your nearest refill store, or start shopping for refill goods online:

If you are interested in reading more about Parliament Hill’s sustainability journey, please click here .

Please note the brands listed are not an endorsement, just a starting point to help you on your zero waste journey.

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