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Our Clients’ Views of Parliament Hill 2022

In June this year, we reached out to our clients with our annual Client Survey to check-in on how they thought we were doing. Their feedback exceeded our expectations; we have selected a few highlights...

Here are 4 highlights from our client survey 2022

You gave us an NPS (Net promoter score) of 59!

The net promoter score measures the willingness of clients to recommend a company’s products and services to others. An NPS of +50 is benchmarked as being excellent meaning thanks to you we are fast approaching outstanding!

“Thank you to Parliament Hill for always keeping us up to date, suggesting copy and information to go into our member newsletters, and understanding our membership.”.

Adding value to membership is the primary reason for having a member benefit scheme

This was a very inspiring result as adding value to our clients’ members is at the heart of what we do at Parliament Hill.

We are very happy with the service and products.

98% of our clients were impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of our team

The Parliament Hill team are passionate about client services and always go the extra mile for all our clients. 

“We are very happy with the excellent service Josh provides.”

“Tom is extremely responsive and always professional.”

“The team at Parliament Hill has attended exhibitions on our stand to talk to members; and has given presentations on how to make best use of our Rewards programme on our Coffee Catch Ups on Saturday afternoons.”

“Very responsive to requests for marketing materials and sign offs.”

Overall satisfaction is still very high

89% of our clients said that they were satisfied with our overall service. As part of the range of the products and services that we provide, we include a bespoke web platform and a suite of tailored member benefits that cover shopping, lifestyle, travel and health and wellbeing. We are also here to provide additional support if your business is going through momentous infrastructure changes. 

“Our requirements are complex whilst we navigate a significant IT modernisation programme. PH have been very accommodating with these complexities.”

We find you the best deals backed with either the National Price Promise or Provider Price Promise!

Interested in seeing more of what our clients have to say? Please have a look at our testimonials .

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* We surveyed 73 clients. 17 clients took the time to answer our questionnaire. This survey was completed in June 2022.

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