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Father’s Day Gifting Guide- Editors Pick

Father’s Day 2022 is fast approaching! We have provided our client’s members with a guide to all things gifts for dads, grandads, and more.

From small signs of appreciation, to special experiences you can share together- We’ve put together our top picks, so you don’t have to.

1. Apple AirPods

Have you tried everything from clothes to experiences and find your dad is fussy with what he receives? Why not introduce your dad to your everyday tech essentials? If you can’t live without AirPods in the gym or on the commute, there could be a new-found love affair ahead between your dad and the convenience that comes with wireless earphones!

2. Cookaway BBQ Box

Some dad’s don’t want any fuss at all. “Don’t spend your money on me… I have everything I need.” Sound familiar? We have the perfect solution to treat a loved one without any fuss! Spoil your whole family to an extra special Father’s Day BBQ and save the hosts from worrying about the dreaded food shop and focus on making memories with the whole family.
P.s there’s also a veggie version!

3. Ted Baker Bath And Body Washbag Gift and Emma Bridgewater Mug

A small token of appreciation to commemorate a special occasion are sometimes the most memorable gifts. If your budget isn’t big, or perhaps you don’t really ‘do’ gifts, a small novelty gift can be a great option. Everybody uses toiletries, so a washbag is something useful that your dad will appreciate. Or a mug for him to smile at with his cup of morning tea is also a lovely idea. Plus, who doesn’t love a new mug to add to the collection?

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