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Member Benefits: All You Need To Know

According to MemberWise figures there are over 8,000* membership organisations operating in the UK, and thousands more across the world. Even within our own client list the breadth and depth of membership organisations is vast including; Professional Golfers, Chartered Accountants, Florists, Drama Therapists, GPs, the list goes on.

As we all know member benefits are offers, products and services offered by membership organisations to their members, usually as part of their membership fee. We have been supporting membership organisations in the UK for close to 20 years on bolstering their membership proposition through our services and offers.

Getting the right mix of membership proposition and benefits will support membership organisations across the majority activities including;

  • Attracting new members
  • Retain existing members
  • Support in engaging with existing members

We have looked at the range of different member benefits that you can offer as part of your proposition. Here are our thoughts;

Sustainable offers

According to the Office for National Statistics Opinions and Lifestyle Survey 2021, 75% of adults in Great Britain said that they were worried about the impact of climate change.

We are all on our own journeys of sustainability and the term itself will mean different things to different membership groups, but it has never been more important to engage with your members on this. Collectively as an organisation, we have developed a Sustainability Hub for our clients to use as a member facing platform with not only sustainable offer but also articles, tools and tips across home heating to eating to help members become more sustainable in their day-to-day lives.

Exclusive health and wellbeing information

Health and wellbeing benefits are now an essential element to any membership organisation’s member proposition. We launched a health and wellbeing hub for our clients’ members back in January 2020, and since then there have been over 135,000 users of the Hub.

A benefits programme filled with wellbeing content, perks and advice can boost your organisation’s engagement levels, as well as reflecting company values. In present times, it has never been more important to show support to members when they are experiencing hardships, both mentally and financially. Members who feel satisfied with the support they are receiving are more likely to renew their membership, therefore resulting in growth of the organisation.

Scheme sites and a virtual community

A membership site that is easy to navigate provides an opportunity to build a strong online network where your members can talk amongst themselves in forums, activity walls, or with direct member messaging. It also gives you a chance to use your community to vet other content ideas, test out new content, get feedback, and much more.

Webinars and events

As an organisation that wants to retain members, nurturing your member audience and encouraging them to grow professionally is something that is very important. Supporting members and giving them knowledge and confidence in their own field as well as supporting on other diverse topics such as current affairs, retirement planning, planning for changing interest rates, healthy recipe ideas and more.

Now that we are able to meet face-to-face why not boost your membership communities with regional or national networking events and conferences. Although online networking has grown during the pandemic-years, it is essential to provide space for your members to connect and build relationships in their industry, building their own careers and supporting younger members too.

This year, we have provided free financial advice webinars to members during the current cost of living crisis. Topics include Retirement and pensions, financial planning and the mortgage market. Providing support on such huge life events and allowing members to receive professional advice they may not be able to afford elsewhere is a great way of building a relationship with your member audience.

Discounts on shopping, travel and experiences

Providing access to shopping discounts allows members and their families to save money on their everyday spend, including groceries, clothing and other house hold items. If your members are making a significant saving on everyday costs (possibly saving the cost of their membership fee), this is a major reason for them to renew their membership.

As well as everyday savings, some organisations provide offers to members on more luxe purchases such as holidays, tech products and experiences. As a result of these savings, members are saving money, therefore giving them the flexibility to save for their future or other expenses they may have.

If you are interested in finding out more about member benefits and how they could support your organisation, please get in touch with us at or call 0207 710 9494 .




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