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Starter for 10 - Aoife Glynn

Our fabulous Team Administrator who joined us in November, Aoife Glynn discusses how her life has changed over the past year since the first lockdown!

  1. What have you done differently compared to the first lockdown?
    I was furloughed during the first lockdown, so this is a completely different experience but I’ve enjoyed having a schedule and clear divide between weekdays/weekends this time
  2. Did you keep up the hobbies you picked up in lockdown 1? E.g. walking every day, instruments etc.
    I started painting in lockdown but gave it up pretty quickly – I feel like I’ve developed more hobbies/habits over the second and third lockdowns
  3. How has lockdown changed the way you look at your life?
    I’m much more appreciative of my family and friends, and what a great support system I have
  4. If you weren’t in lockdown right now, where would you like to be?
    With my family back home, as I’ve not seen them in over a year
  5. If you were to arrange an online dinner party who would you add to your guest list? (This could include people you know or people you don’t know).
    My closest friends, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and David Attenborough
  6. What is your favourite self-care routine you do when you need a pick me up in lockdown?
    A pamper session – a face mask and painting my nails, while watching something cheesy on Netflix
  7. What is your most memorable work moment during lockdown?
    Starting a new job during the November lockdown, and knowing I wouldn’t meet my new colleagues for a long time
  8. Who or what has an inspired you over the past 11 months?
    My friends – many of them (and myself) lost jobs during this time, while others have been working on the front line in hospitals and with vulnerable members of society. We have all worked so hard to support each other and keep spirits high, and their continued resolve is inspirational – and has been a huge help on my bad days!
  9. What is your top TV watch recommendation?
    Anything relating to true crime, or Scandi crime dramas. Also an obligatory shout out to Icarus, which is the best documentary I’ve ever watched, and the only one I’ve watched multiple times
  10. If you could be an animal, which animal would it be and why?
    A dog in a rich family – well looked after and no worries in the world!

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