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Starter for 10 - Melanie Orvis

Our lovely Client Engagement Manager, Melanie discusses taking the pressure off yourself during these crazy times and just enjoying new hobbies and getting creative.

It’s so easy to fall into a hole of feeling like you need to be achieving something new or being productive every single day, when in reality we are so limited in what we can do and getting through this global pandemic is such a huge achievement in itself!

  1. What have you done differently compared to the first lockdown?
    I’ve been doing lot’s more creative things like painting and making resin art pieces. Trying to make a really conscious effort to spend less time looking at screens and doing more creative stuff.
  2. Did you keep up the hobbies you picked up in lockdown 1? E.g. walking every day, instruments etc.
    Still been going on lots of walks (especially in the snow) and the weekly zoom quiz with friends has made a return!
  3. How has lockdown changed the way you look at your life?
    I’ve learnt to take the pressure off myself. I’m not a robot and I need to make sure I look after myself. Not putting expectations on myself to lose weight, stay active, etc. has really freed me up to enjoy new hobbies and experiences.
  4. If you weren’t in lockdown right now, where would you like to be?
    If I wasn’t in lockdown I would love to be on a beach somewhere, going on big walks and eating lots of new food. Alternatively at the top of a rooftop bar with a prosecco in hand!
  5. If you were to arrange an online dinner party who would you add to your guest list? (This could include people you know or people you don’t know).
    Great question! I’d love to pick the brains of Elon Musk and find out the ins and outs of Space X as I’m so fascinated with space and science. I’d also love to have George Orwell and hear how he got the inspiration for his books and to know if he thinks the society we live in now is an accurate representation of his thoughts. In a realistic world, I’d love to have dinner with my mum and dad.
  6. What is your favourite self-care routine you do when you need a pick me up in lockdown?
    Start off with playing with my makeup and creating a new look. Following that a nice homely dinner, then a bubble bath, wash all the makeup off and do a nice face mask and hair mask. Finishing off the night with reading in bed.
  7. What is your most memorable work moment during lockdown?
    Joining our first morning call on zoom and thinking “this is all very weird”
  8. Who or what has an inspired you over the past 11 months?
    Seeing how a community can come together in a time of need has inspired me to always go the extra mile, even for strangers. Also looking at the incredible work and the frontline workers are doing to protect everyone while risking their own health and safety.
  9. What is your top TV watch recommendation?
    The Queens Gambit is incredible especially for chess fans. Also can’t escape my love for reality TV and must recommend The Circle!
  10. If you could be an animal, which animal would it be and why?
    I’d love to be a cat! Eat, sleep explore repeat. Also being so soft and fluffy would mean I would get lots of cuddles haha

Series editor Ellen Waters. Avatars are sourced from Bitmoji (

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