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Top Trends in Travel

Travel is now easier and more desirable than ever. According to the Office of National Statistics, in 2015 the number of UK residents travelling abroad grew by 9.4% compared to previous years and spent approximately £3.5 Billion.

With travel increasingly becoming an important part of life; looking closely at the travel trends of 2017 can help make you make your members’ travel plans easier.

Solo travel

Solo travel has been rapidly increasing, in a survey with Lonely Planet, 51% of participants said the next holiday they take will be on their own, with a staggering 69% of UK respondents saying they want to travel solo. It is expected that 2017 will be the largest increase in female only retreats to meet the demand of women wanting to travel alone.

The freedom of solo travel means that travellers are enabled to do exactly what they want when they want. Many people who travel alone are looking to explore new cultures and locations or to learn a new skill.

DIY Travel Agent

With comparison sites for flights, hotels, tours and even travel insurance available at the click of the button, booking your own holiday has never been easier. Rather than being restricted to the offers of travel agents, travellers are looking far and wide to ensure they get the best deal.

Not only is booking what you want, when you want an easier option, it also gives you the opportunity to research places using rating websites such a trip advisor.

Wanting to adapt your time in certain cities and countries? Go ahead – the benefit of being your own travel agent it that you have the flexibility to go your own way.


You need to travel for work but also want to have a look around the city? Local Travel while away on business is becoming increasingly popular. While the concept may seem new, it has been around for years. According to Forbes, 34% of the US workforce is now considered freelance, and this is expected to hit 40% by 2020. While travel for work has also been a necessity, with the ability to work remotely online, the freedom to freelance and work on the road has become the viable and popular choice for many. Fancy replying to emails while sitting on a beach? Now you can do that with endless options of leisure.

Food Tourism

You love food from all over the world, so why not let your taste buds guide you? Food tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the travel industry; consisting of dining out, food markets, food experiences, cooking classes and much more.

So if you are looking to explore the world on your own, mix work and leisure or let your taste buds doing the wandering, now is an exciting time to start travelling.

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