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Your Views of Parliament Hill

Between September and October 2019 we reached out to you with our client survey to find out how happy you are with what we do. We really appreciate all the feedback we receive as this helps us improve our performance and services. The results exceeded our expectations; we have selected a few highlights...

Here are 4 highlights from our client survey 2019

We’ve increased our NPS (Net promoter score) to 63!

The net promoter score measures the willingness of clients to recommend a company’s products and services to others. In 2018, we received a NPS of 60, which is a huge accomplishment considering that +50 is benchmarked as being an excellent NPS.

“Parliament Hill has made my job much easier.”

“Really happy with the service and updates we receive.”

“I am very satisfied by the service we receive.”

96% of participating clients were satisfied with our response time to emails/queries

The Parliament Hill team are passionate about client services and always go the extra mile for all our clients.

“I have never had any problem with the services on offer, all issues have always been handled quickly and efficiently.”

“Really fast turnaround by Jennifer, which is much appreciated. She's a pleasant and professional character.”

“Josh is always helpful and professional.”

“Very happy with the service provided by Mel. Always a joy to speak with on the phone.”

“Today we experienced a certificate error, which Stephanie investigated immediately.”

“Tom is a great account manager- very helpful, quick to respond to all requests and help with customer queries/issues.”

We would love to hear from you! Our team consists of Jennifer, Josh, Melanie, Stephanie and Tom.

Adding value to membership is the primary reason for having a member benefit scheme

This was a very inspiring result as adding value to our clients is at the heart of what we do at Parliament Hill.

“They are very good at listening to what we want as a business.”

Find out more about our ethos .

We’ve increased our range and quality of service score

We have increased our score by 8% compared to 2018. The range of services we provide include tailored member benefits that cover shopping, lifestyle, travel and health and wellbeing. To ensure that these deals are the best in the market, we back these offers with either a National or Provider price promise!

* We surveyed 195 clients. *29 contacts who took the time to answer our questionnaire. This survey was completed between September and October 2019.

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