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Being green in business – is it possible?

We can probably all agree that we are trying to make changes in our day to day lives to become more sustainable. It is, however, a small drop in the ocean in comparison to the changes that need to start happening at an industrial level. With that in mind, we've taken a look at some companies that are actively trying to minimise their carbon footprint and bring about positive change with the products they offer.


Wightlink are a ferry operator that links the Isle of Wight with Hampshire. They have pledged to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030 (they have already reduced emissions by 33% since 2007) and are making changes across all areas of the business in order to achieve this.

In 2018 Wightlink launched the UK's first ever hybrid energy ferry, which produces 20% fewer emissions than diesel. Their ultimate aim is to launch the UK's first fully electric ferry, subject to planning and funding. They are also working on electrifying their other existing small ships, creating power facilities to harness the power of tidal and solar power to power their fleet, as well as installing a solar panel and living wall in their head office.

They have completely cut out single use plastic cutlery on their ferries and ensure that all of the food that they serve on-board comes from local food suppliers. Wightlink have also spearheaded several initiatives to protect habitats and encourage biodiversity around their ports. They have also launched the Wightlink Green Fund for Schools which invites secondary schools and colleges on the Isle of Wight to apply for grants to undertake their own environmental projects.

If you would like to read more about Wightlink's sustainability initiatives you can do so here: .


We can all acknowledge that eating more plant based meals is one of the best things that we can do to reduce our impact on the planet. This is how the idea for Planty came about. Planty are a plant based meal delivery service that was launched in 2019. Their main goal was to make plant based food more accessible, which they achieve by having their Michelin-star chefs create restaurant quality food, delivered straight to your door.

Planty have placed sustainability at the centre of all their operations: their deliveries are carbon neutral; 100% of their packaging is either recyclable, compostable, or reusable; their ingredients are locally sourced from trusted partners. Planty are also working on becoming a B-Corp certified organisation. If you would like to learn more about Planty and their sustainable initiatives please see their webpage here:

BEEN London

BEEN London are a company based in East London that make handcrafted bags of all types out of recycled and scrap materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. BEEN London make their bags by recycling materials such as leather scraps, cotton from old clothes, nylon recovered from old fishing nets and carpets, plastic from single use bottles, and they also create their own vegan leather from apple and pineapple skin.

The bags sold by BEEN London have a carbon footprint that is on average 87% smaller than anything else on the market. This is achieved by offering zero emission delivery in London and shipping by sea internationally. They also have a partnership with NGO Tree Nation, with whom they plant a tree for every single product sold. This supports the reforestation of the Amazon Rainforest, currently focusing on a project based in Peru. BEEN London have also been certified by many trusted third party bodies so you can be certain that their supply chain is as sustainable as can be.

To read more about BEEN London's sustainability efforts and processes you can visit their sustainability page:

Arena Flowers

Arena Flowers are classed as the UK's most ethical florist, having been accredited by the Ethical Company Index for fifteen years, even earning a perfect 100/100 score for the past four years. They have achieved this by being extremely methodical in their business practices and by following their three pillars of sustainability: Waste, Space, and Innovation. This sees them reducing waste at their headquarters and through their supply chain, utilising space in their headquarters in the most sustainable way possible, and constantly looking for ways to innovate and move forward.

Arena Flowers have sustainability embedded in all areas of the business: they haven't used single-use plastics since 2017, all of their packaging is 100% compostable, they have a closed-loop waste system etc. They also committed to planting millions of trees every year (1.6 million have been planted to date) – they plant two for every order that they get; one for the purchaser and one for the recipient.

If you would like to read more about the sustainable practices at Arena Flowers then check out their dedicated webpage:

Virgin Experience Days

Virgin Experience Days are renowned for their breadth of options, but did you know that they also have a section solely for sustainable and eco-friendly experiences? These range from some of the best vegan fine dining spots, afternoon teas and cookery classes across the UK, to eco-friendly getaways in luxury hotels or eco glamping.

If you're interested in booking a sustainable experience through Virgin Experience Days you can check out their dedicated webpage here:

Hopefully reading the above has inspired you to seek out other companies that you can buy from to make greener choices. Why not look locally to see if you have any independent sustainable retailers, such as refill shops, or research online to see if there are more sustainable options for your general day to day essentials. Any swap, big or small, is a step in the right direction.

To see more about Parliament Hill's sustainability journey, click here .

Wightlink, Planty, Arena Flowers and Virgin Experience Days are all brand partners of Parliament Hill.

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