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It might seem boring and bland, but getting on top of your life admin can be brilliantly blissful.

From finding a new deal on your bills, to booking in your essential appointments, life admin can feel like a drag, but here are some quick hacks to get what you need done, done quicker.

1 Schedule time

You won’t simply ‘find time’ to do the things you don’t really want to do. There’s an element of forcing yourself that’s necessary to get through everything. Give yourself a focussed 30 minutes to get on with it and you may be surprised at how productive your time can be.

2 Make a list

A quick Post-It will make the whole concept of life admin seem much smaller and more manageable, while writing down goals has been proven to improve their chance of being achieved. Tick them off as you go- car insurance, tick, optician’s appointment, tick, energy bills comparison, tick!

3 Don’t do it alone

Share the responsibilities with your partner or let your friends in on what you’re doing. You’ll benefit from encouragement and the right kind of peer pressure.

4 Take a review

Set time aside to see what you did get done, and what you have left. Plan what you’re going to do next weekend, and treat yourself to some relaxation for what you achieved today.

5 Tot up your savings

If you’ve managed to make some smart switches, add up the money you’ve saved yourself. You’ll see that all that hard work has well and truly paid off.


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