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Whatever your association, business network, trade union or society, we are sure that you value your members and make them the central point of all that you do.

We know that you already do a lot for your members’ happiness, but, some additional perks are always welcomed, and help maintain a happy-work life balance. According to Samaritans, 3/5 employees have experienced mental health issues where work was a contributing factor. So why not consider the importance of lifestyle benefits for your organisation?

1. Lifestyle benefits add value-for-money to your membership experience

It’s a simple equation that people want to get back what they put into their membership- it’s “what do I pay” versus “what do I get”. With discounts on everything from car insurance to holidays to income protection- we can help with that. We can provide you with a national savings calculator to prove just what good value membership can be.

2. Benefits make your organisation more attractive to prospective members

Recruitment is one of our favourite words- because it’s what we love to help our clients with. With lifestyle benefits, your organisation can stand out- showing prospective members what they’re missing and encouraging them to sign up and get involved.

3. Benefits can help cultivate your members’ career development

It isn’t all about great lifestyle deals and shopping discounts. Parliament Hill’s benefit schemes include IT training and CV and interviewing coaching to aide your members’ professional development, making them an even greater asset to your association.

4. It drives engagement with your association

We’ve received fantastic testimonials from members of large associations and trade unions, saying just how much they appreciate the lifestyle benefits. Our offers are simple and work for the advantage of people- so it’s no surprise that these benefits are appreciated.

5. Improve retention

We co-create, deliver and manage dedicated websites for our clients where members can see all the benefits available, including our national and provider price promise deals. It’s something members can come back to every day for years- always adding value to the experience. We will also work with you to develop a yearly-marketing plan and package together a monthly communications campaign tailored to your members, which will update your members with the best year-round deals.

6. Improve wellness and productivity

Many of our lifestyle benefits can help your members lead healthier lifestyles. From book shop discounts to terrific gym deals, we can help you improve the wellbeing of your members, mind and body.

7. Establish a positive culture within your organisation

By bringing even more positivity into your members’ lives, you can help strengthen your membership culture, and improve engagement with other aspects of your organisation. This will give you happier, prouder members, who perform their best at work and make fulfilling use of their free time.

8. It makes financial sense

In some circumstances, we can help generate revenue for our association clients, saving both them and their member’s money. Not only this, but we can also help with the design of bespoke services, tailored for specific audiences.

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