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Sustainable Beauty - Is it a thing?

We know our beauty routines and habits can have a huge impact – from the plastic packaging filling landfills, to cosmetic chemicals washing away down the drain and disrupting marine life. But the question is… Does it have to cost the earth?

As pretty as beauty products are, the single use plastics and chemical waste associated with the sector are not pretty.

However, the good news is; with pressure growing for the sector to have to offer more sustainable beauty offerings, there are now plenty of ways you are able to contribute to minimising the waste related to your beauty routine!  But if we are going to try and be more sustainable within our beauty regimes, we need to consider a number of factors; social, environmental, and economical.

Let’s take a peek at some of the top 5 ways you are able to make sustainability in beauty more appealing to you!

  1. Choose Refillable Products
    Many brands in the beauty industry have turned to refillable packaging companies.- Fenty Skin, STELLA, Glow Recipe, and many more, are some of the refillable beauty brands who’ve gone down this route. In order to make these products reusable, they offer refillable packs and reusable packaging that can last for years and years.
  2. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!
    If refillable beauty products aren’t available, you can also make sustainable beauty product choices by buying from brands with recyclable beauty packaging. Being able to recycle empty, cleaned out packaging after you’ve used up every last drop of product is an important part of bringing your eco-friendly beauty routine full circle. Organisations like Terracycle, LookFantastic, and Credo Beauty are really trying to help with this by offering a recycling programme. So before you throw away your empty tube — or even before you buy from a particular beauty brand — take a look online to see if that brand participates in a recycling program where you can claim back a voucher for recycling or even get some free products!
  3. Try a shampoo bar
    I know you have definitely heard of these and even as a trusted ‘Olaplex user’ myself – I have been sceptical. But the idea of these shampoo bars (and conditioner of course) is to remain vegan friendly, provide ZERO plastic waste, have 100% recyclable packaging, and be biodegradable... basically meaning you would be a beauty sustainable QWEEEN (or king) if you were to use one of these
  4. Recycle Jars and Containers
    By now, you hopefully know that recycling is important. The containers holding your face serums, facial cleansers, and moisturisers really do not have to go to waste! I’m especially looking at those with children: make them into paint pots, brush holders, PVA glue holders… the ideas are endless for you to get a little crafty! Consider using an old jar or bottle as a DIY makeup brush holder for your beauty stand or some are so large these days even a vase!
  5. Repurpose Mascara Wands
    Rather than tossing all parts of your used up mascara in the bin, take out the wand, clean it off and use as an eyebrow and eyelash comb – Job done!

All in all, looking at those 5 points above simply shows me that it’s really NOT expensive to be sustainable in beauty. You can start being sustainable in beauty within a couple of moments by implementing even 2 of those things into your day-to-day lifestyle and it can actually save you a little bit of money… who doesn’t love a reward for just saving your used makeup!

Georgia Hallgalley is an account executive within the client services team and a beauty enthusiast. To find out more on the ways that the account executives work with clients please visit the Clients section of our website.

If you would like to see more on what Parliament Hill are working towards as part of their sustainability journey, please click here .

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