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The Indeed 2023 Better Work Awards winners – a guide to finding a better workplace

The way employees feel at work matters to us as an organisation. As well as taking great care and interest in employee wellbeing, Parliament Hill also provide clients’ members with a health and wellbeing platform. This is a free content hub where members can check out podcasts, blogs and videos with advice from professionals on important topics such as financial wellbeing, mental health, nutrition and more.

Encouraging wellbeing helps prevent a stressful environment and creates a positive, safe place to work where individuals can flourish. Employers who have core values surrounding health and wellbeing can have a huge positive impact on employee engagement levels and overall performance.

We checked out Indeed’s survey on work wellbeing . Indeed’s researchers identified 15 key dimensions that contribute to a healthy level of wellbeing in the workplace. Their survey asked people whether they agree or disagree with a statement about various different areas of wellbeing. Their responses were used to calculate a score for each dimension as well as an overall workplace wellbeing score.

Based on the world’s largest study of work wellbeing [1] supported by millions of employee insights, this award recognises the companies that are prioritising work wellbeing and building towards a future of better work environments for their employees.

Statements included:


I feel happy at work most of the time.


My work has a clear sense of purpose.


Overall, I am completely satisfied with my job.


I don't feel stressed at work most of the time.

What influences work wellbeing:



There are people at work who give me support and encouragement.


There are people at work who appreciate me as a person.


I am achieving most of my goals at work.


My manager helps me succeed.


My work has the time and location flexibility I need.


I often learn something at work.


My work environment feels inclusive and respectful of all people.


I feel a sense of belonging in my company.

Indeed's 2023 Better Work Awards winners

  1. Kingsley Healthcare Ltd  - score 85

    Kinglsey Healthcare Ltd employ almost 5,000 people and provide residential, nursing, day and respite care homes for vulnerable people, including those with dementia and learning disabilities. Founded in 1999, they are based across East Anglia, Essex, Bedfordshire, Cheshire and the South Coast. As an organisation, they claim their standout factor, the ‘Kingsley difference’ is running care homes are need-specific, so if the requirements of those in their homes change, they are equipped.

    Kinglsey Healthcare received a score of 265, giving them the highest ratings in all the key areas of work wellbeing such as happiness, purpose, satisfaction and stress-free.

  2. The Entertainer  - score 75

    In 1981, the first ever The Entertainer store opened and they are now the U.K.’s largest independent toy retailer. With over 170 UK stores, as well as also partnering with a growing number of retailers to show case brand selling our toys in their retail space.

    The Entertainer were scored highly in the following topics, based on 210 responses: appreciation, support, inclusion and flexibility.

  3. The Body Shop  - score 71

    The Body Shop is a global retail business serving over 30 million customers worldwide, employing over 10,000 people with a further 12,000 in their franchise team. They also operate in around 3,000 stores in more than 70 countries.

    The Body Shop received 262 positive responses on topics including: Trust, energy, belonging and management.

Parliament Hill provide each client’s members with a free health and wellbeing platform. If you are interested in finding out more about member benefits and how they could support your organisation, please get in touch with us at  or call 0207 710 9494 .


2023 data, based on number of survey responses globally

To see the full results of the Indeed work wellbeing assessment, please visit here.

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